Garnetts Cabinet Works, Warrington

By way of a little history Robert Garnett was born on 6 Jun 1830 in Penketh, Warrington and died on 9 Apr 1903 in Penketh. He was originally employed as a Cabinet maker before opening the Garnetts Cabinet Works. He was a generous local benefactor to many churches and charities and even laid the foundation stone at Penketh Methodist Church.

The Cabinet Works has been ‘explored’ many times.  To see some interesting internal shots take a look here.

And Warrington Borough Council have decided that they want to develop it and the surrounding area into a cosmopolitan housing area as reported by the Warrington Guardian in November 2014 – take a look at the article here.

We will either dispose of the Cabinet Works or partner with a developer to build a scheme on the site.  If you have any interest in the site please call our Property Director, Joan Barton, on 01928 598401 or contact us.